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Web Development With PHP

PHP is a very popular programming language that has several features that facilitate web development, and help generate dynamic web pages. It is an HTML embedded open source scripting language that can be modulated as per specific requirements and functionalities. Trafficwala understands the intricacies involved in PHP based web development and is nurturing its talents in the advanced development of websites based on PHP scripting.

PHP is widely used as a web development tool because of its unique uses in website creation that provide an interesting and enhanced browsing experience for the web visitors. This server-side programming language is currently installed on over 20 million websites and more than one million web servers.

Origin of PHP
PHP originally denoted Personal Home Page. Currently, it stands for a recursive acronym, PHP Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP web development was begun in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf as a tool for maintaining his personal homepage. He used it to perform tasks like displaying his resume or recording the traffic on his web page. Lerdorf released PHP publicly in 1995. Today, PHP has evolved into a powerful open source server-side scripting language that is constantly evolving at the hands of different independent developers as prominent contributors.

This unprecedented popularity of PHP as a web development tool has been a result of its functional working. It is embedded into HTML source document instead of external file for processing the data. A web server having PHP processor module interprets the code resulting in the generation of the web page. This effect is referred to as active or dynamic web pages. Dynamic pages make for better interaction and the users can even link the pages in their preferred manner, unlike in case of static pages, where the pages have a set arrangement.

Presently many popular sites including Wikipedia use PHP. And we at Trafficwala have endeavored to offer you a dynamic web platform that is fast, reliable, free of bug codes as well as come up with a clean and clear encoding.

Why use PHP?
PHP is one of the most robust tools and a popular choice for interactive online experience. Web designers and developers as well as their customers opt for PHP web development as this programming language works with databases and helps create bigger websites.

Web pages have come to mean a lot more than beautiful pictures and plain text. There are innumerable high-end websites that have incorporated features such as search engines, shopping carts, discussion forums, blogs, etc. Interactivity, animation and constant evolution are common features for most of the websites today. PHP is the tool used by such websites for gaining the best of functionality as well as exclusive control rights. It allows the user to call up the stored database pages and also enables quick addition of features. PHP becomes a part of Web server and saves considerable load time. It is ideal for ecommerce sites and online catalogs, as well.

PHP also allows the freedom of choice of a web server and operating system as it supports almost all the current web servers and is also available for all popular operating systems like Linux and Windows variants. Being free and open source, there are many other features that could be embedded into PHP.

As a website owner, you have always thought of having a dynamic, appealing and user-friendly website. You can explore the possibility of using PHP web development and exploiting the fantastic benefits it offers.

Schedule an appointment with our master web developers at Trafficwala to understand the scope of PHP for use in integrating your website and achieve one of the most successful way of easy management of your website resources.

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